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Connected digital photo frames make a seamless addition to any family home. In terms of looks, they are understated and elegant, but packed with technology. These frames are designed to scroll through the photographs of your choice and bring your home to life, revisiting your favourite memories. Discover AgfaPhoto's connected digital photo frames.

Bring your pictures to life with a connected digital photo frame

Photo frames are a staple in every home. They are a great way to show off your favourite photos: family pictures, holiday snaps, important events immortalised on glossy paper, and more. But before you display a classic frame, you have to choose just ONE photo from dozens, hundreds or even thousands of great options. With a connected digital photo frame, those impossible choices are a thing of the past: you can pick a huge compilation of photos to scroll across the screen, day after day.

Our digital photo frames are the perfect way to display your digital photographs as a slideshow. They may look like conventional frames, but that's just an illusion: there's more than meets the eye! Load your favourite pictures in a flash thanks to the USB and SD card ports, Wi-Fi connectivity, and the dedicated application. You can update and add photos to your album as your adventures unfold.

Our digital photo frames display both photos and videos, so you can relive your finest moments whenever you like. Amusement park adventures, birthday parties, weddings, grandchildren's first steps, holidays in the mountains, childhood memories: all your favourite photos deserve their time to shine.

Versatile and modern, our connected digital photo frames are also an understated and decorative addition to your decor. You can stand them on your favourite piece of furniture or on a shelf, and certain models can even be hung on the wall. Their elegant and refined designs blend seamlessly into any interior design. In terms of usability, they are designed to be simple and accessible to all generations. Our photo frames can be fitted with a touch screen for even greater intuitiveness.

Boundless sharing with our connected digital photo frame

Ideal for maintaining strong ties with your family and friends, a connected digital photo frame is a perfect gift. Parents and grandparents will love this easy new way to keep in touch. Our connected photo frame can be updated by anyone who has downloaded the FRAMEO application. Whether you're at home or on the other side of the world, you can share your favourite videos and photos.

From your smartphone or tablet, simply add new photos to the connected digital photo frame as you go about your adventures and enjoy the exciting moments that punctuate your life. Your child has taken their first steps and you want to share this milestone with their grandmother? Just upload your video to the FRAMEO application, and it will automatically appear in the photo frame on granny's sideboard. It's that easy!

The instant messaging on the application lets you stay in touch, day after day. You'll love sending (and receiving) New Year's greetings, birthday photos and daily updates in a flash. If your loved ones are visiting, they can also upload their favourite images to the device in a matter of seconds via Wi-Fi. All the pictures are stored on the frame's internal memory, which you can expand using a USB stick or SD card. Your memories will be safe and sound, and you can relive them every day, whenever you are so inclined.

AgfaPhoto developed the FRAMEO application, compatible with iOS and Android, for its digital photo frames. It allows you to send photos and add messages for the recipient. If the frame is switched on, it can receive new uploads instantly. Thanks to this free, secure application, all you need is an internet connection to send photos from anywhere in the world. It is easy to use, intuitive, and accessible to any generation, just like the frames.

AgfaPhoto has created the digital photo frame of your dreams

As an established brand in the world of photography, AgfaPhoto's technological innovations have shaped the way people share their memories for many years. We offer an excellent range of connected digital photo frames that are both modern and easy to install. Our Realiview APF collection includes models with varying degrees of simplicity and connectivity, allowing everyone to find their perfect fit. You can also take advantage of practical day-to-day functions such as the clock and weather updates.

Discover our entry-level frame, the APF700 WiFi, which gives you access to impressive technology at a great price. It is equipped with the FRAMEO application, and can also receive photos and videos wirelessly. It has a 7-inch LCD touch screen with a 1024x600 resolution, designed to help every image look its best. It can store plenty of memories, thanks to its built-in 32 GB memory, which can hold between 8,000 and 16,000 photos depending on the quality, and can be expanded using the USB and SD card ports.

With its refined, modern look, the APF1000WIFI is a cut above. Its contemporary design is a seamless addition to any interior. The 10-inch LCD touch screen with a 1280x800 resolution is ideal for enjoying your photos day after day. This connected digital photo frame is very intuitive, complete with a motion detection function: it activates when someone walks by, bringing your home to life with memories. It can be placed on a piece of furniture, a bookcase or a shelf thanks to its versatile size.

Looking for a connected digital photo frame designed to be seen and noticed? Look no further than the APF1650WIFI and its 15.6-inch LCD touch screen. Thanks to its built-in 32 GB expandable memory, it can store thousands of photos and videos for hours of nostalgia and shared memories. The APF1700WIFI, with its 17-inch screen, offers the same functions, but with a higher resolution of 1920x1080. It can also be hung on the wall or stood on a piece of furniture. Its XXL size allows you to really appreciate every detail of your photographs.

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