Refurbished Cameras

In this section you will find our offer of reconditioned AgfaPhoto products: digital and film cameras, children's cameras, as well as action cams and photo frames. Benefit from special discounts on devices that are like new and in perfect working order whose packaging may have been damaged or opened. 6-month warranty.

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With the AgfaPhoto 2nd Life offer, you benefit from top quality products at a low price. In fact, we offer a selection of refurbished cameras, and much more besides: portable photo printers, action cams, digital photo frames, slide scanners and ring lights are also on offer.

The 2nd Life offer covers new products whose packaging has been damaged or opened. They operate just as well as our other cameras, but at a very attractive price. All refurbished products come with a six-month AgfaPhoto warranty.

New, at an affordable price, with your refurbished camera

Why choose a refurbished camera over a new product? These days, giving digital objects a second life is essential. Many consumers make this choice because refurbishing allows them to acquire a quality product at a reduced cost. It's great for the environment, as well as your wallet. AgfaPhoto can offer you products with damaged or opened packaging at an attractive price. The aim? Limiting waste via virtuous purchasing.

For amateur photographers, it's an opportunity to acquire a high-quality camera without breaking the bank. Discover the pleasure of taking great photos! At AgfaPhoto, our priority is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy photography, whatever their budget. For yourself or as a gift, discover our selection of refurbished products: brand new at a great price.

The 2nd Life offer only involves products that are as good as new. Only the packaging has been damaged, and the camera is guaranteed to be in perfect working order. So they're not exactly second-hand products, since they've never been used. Every  2nd Life camera is thoroughly checked by our teams and is covered by a 6-month AgfaPhoto warranty, for a purchase that's a total pleasure.

Choose the refurbished camera of your dreams

Your wallet will be as delighted as you are: take advantage of our 2nd Life offer by buying a refurbished camera at a reduced price. You can browse our range, which is regularly updated as new products become available. Disposable cameras, compacts, bridges, vintage cameras: there are plenty of options to suit every taste. Are you more adventurous at heart? Want to rediscover the pleasure of film? Looking for a camera with lots of settings options? Our 2nd Life offer is for you.

Take advantage of our low prices to discover photography or give this wonderful experience to someone close to you. A refurbished compact camera is ideal for exploring this hobby, which is also a real art. Opting for a compact model means choosing a travel companion, a camera that can accompany you on all your adventures, whether on holiday or in everyday life. In your pocket or bag, it's unobtrusive yet always ready to take high-quality photos. Its many intuitive presets make it easy to get the shots you want, whatever the circumstances and whatever your level of expertise.

Want to move up a gear without blowing your budget? The bridge camera makes it possible. It's midway between a compact and an SLR, offering more customisation options than the former, with more intuitive and accessible handling than the latter. Predefined scenes, zoom, high resolution and ISO sensitivity settings are just some of the features you'll find on a refurbished bridge camera. Select the model of your dreams to match your desires and plans.

Want to get back to the roots of photography and rediscover the unique pleasure of developing? AgfaPhoto offers refurbished cameras, both film and disposable. They are currently making a comeback, embodying authenticity, spontaneity and the pleasure of instant results. Young and old alike will have fun with these incomparably charming cameras, guaranteeing unique shots to treasure.

Our 2nd Life offer: refurbished cameras and much more

AgfaPhoto has decided to offer a second life to its entire range, from digital and film cameras to accessories. You'll find a complete range of products with a 6-month guarantee, offered at low prices after their packaging has been opened or damaged. While the condition of the packaging may vary, you'll always enjoy a product of excellent quality, identical to a new device.

Treat yourself to a digital photo frame, or give one as a gift. This modern yet timeless object will blend in perfectly with your interior, as it looks just like a traditional picture frame. It lets you scroll through your favourite photos, so you can enjoy them at any time of day. It's the ideal device for bonding: the whole family loves it! The digital frame works with WiFi technology, USB connection or the Kodak Classic Frame application, which lets you upload your photos remotely.

Find out more about our portable photo printers. So you can capture and preserve all your memories, wherever you are. Whether you're on holiday, at the office, at home or staying with family, get out your printer and discover the pleasure of photo printing in just a few moments. Our models are equipped with 4PASS technology, which enables you to print all your photos without ink, using a Bluetooth connection. The 2nd Life offer means you can enjoy the exceptional quality of AgfaPhoto portable printers at a low price. Depending on availability, you'll also find boxes of cartridges at low prices!

Just starting out in vlogging and want to produce quality videos without breaking the bank? Looking for the perfect tool to enhance your portraits or selfies? Discover the ring light, the must-have for influencers, professionals and content creators. AgfaPhoto is offering a refurbished version - at a reduced price - of this little technological gem that erases imperfections and optimises the quality of your shots. 

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