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Surfing, skiing, cycling or simply for filming daily life, the Action Cam is the compact sports camera that can be adapted to all uses. We have developed a complete range that is perfectly suited to every need: from fun video exploration to a 4K action cam with stabilisation, it’s easy to find the right model for you.

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To capture precious memories of your sporting activities, holiday adventures or day-to-day events, an action cam is the perfect device. This little sports camera can now be used for a wide range of purposes. AgfaPhoto, a classic brand in photography, has created a complete range, from the simplest action cam to a 4K camera with stabiliser. Video makers, explorers and the simply curious will all find something to their liking.

The action cam, a little powerhouse of technology for your adventures

For almost twenty years, the digital action cam has been an essential piece of equipment, not just for extreme sports enthusiasts. These disciplines could at last be filmed from the inside, so that nothing of the exploits and challenges of the sportspeople would be missed. Skiing, underwater, mountain biking or parachuting, the action cam was part of every adventure. It has gradually gained acceptance, including among a wider audience, for the features that set it apart from traditional cameras and camcorders.

It's small but powerful! The action cam is a mini-sized device that stands out for its amazing robustness, despite weighing less than 50 grams. It is generally sold with a shock-resistant and waterproof case, suitable for all situations. What is its main purpose? Video recording, which therefore has to be of optimum quality and in high resolution to capture all the action in detail. A built-in stabiliser means you can capture the action without blurring or shaking. The action cam features a wide-angle lens for panoramic filming.

With its rechargeable battery, the action cam has plenty of battery life, so it can keep up with you on all your adventures. It can be fitted with a wide range of support and mounting accessories to suit your leisure or professional activities. So you can fit your digital camera on a drone, harness or even a helmet, and experience the moment to the full with your hands free.

In any situation, the action cam is a faithful companion

The first use of the action cam was historically for extreme sports video. Thrill-seekers can take this little device with them, strapped on tightly, to capture every moment of the challenge - live. The action cam has now become an essential piece of equipment for fans of wingsuiting, skydiving, snowboarding and parkour. Each recorded clip can be shared on social networks or replayed to review and study every move. The action cam is also designed so that it is never a constraint for the person wearing it: small and lightweight, it can be used hands-free and is easy to attach without interfering with safety equipment.

Over the years, the action cam has attracted other fans. It becomes a discreet companion for any moment, in everyday life or on holiday. Travellers love it for effortlessly capturing the breathtaking landscapes they see on their journeys. Urban explorers take it along on their "urbex" sessions, to help them discover never-before seen places. Whether it's a rollercoaster, surfing or skiing, it's up for all kinds of adventures, because it's not afraid of shocks or water. Even drivers have been won over by the action cam, which can be used to film the road ahead. And, of course, it can capture both good and bad surprises, as well as unusual images that are the delight of social networks.

The action cam shows its own point of view. Worn by an individual or mounted on an object, it offers a new way of looking at the world. Professionals use it as a true work tool. Drivers, delivery people, dog trainers, athletes - many people are finding it increasingly useful. Private individuals also use it on a daily basis. The action cam allows vloggers and influencers to offer immersive videos to their followers. Festival-goers will enjoy filming concerts from the inside, while globetrotters can capture breathtaking panoramas. With a boom, the action cam rises above the ground to provide an extraordinary overhead effect, reminiscent of the views provided by a drone.

Action cams by AgfaPhoto

At AgfaPhoto, we are proud to offer you a collection of action cameras designed for all uses, at the best price. Our cameras have a Wi-Fi connection so you can control and set up the action cam remotely from your iOS or Android smartphone. Wireless technology makes it easy to transfer files and share videos on social networks. 

Our entry-level device is the Realimove AC5000 action cam, which packs in all the essential technology to get you off to a flying start. This sports camera is ideal for discovering and familiarising yourself with this type of device. It features a 110° wide-angle lens for a wide field of vision, and superb 720p HD resolution. Its casing is waterproof to 30 metres, so you can take it with you in any situation: storms, diving, surfing - it won't get wet. Despite its affordable price, the Realimove AC5000 comes with 12 accessories: you'll find all the mountings you need to use your action cam in all circumstances. 

Looking for more? Discover the Realimove AC7000 action cam with a 120° viewing angle and dual 2" and 1.3" screens. It offers 16 MP photo resolution and True 2.7 K video resolution. With all this, you'll enjoy great flexibility of use, and it'll be able to go everywhere with you. With our app, you can control it remotely or activate the self-timer. It has an energy-saving mode, and several shooting options: time-lapse, slow motion, loop recording, etc. You'll get a case that's waterproof to 30m, plus all the mounting accessories you need for your activities.

Finally, make extraordinary videos with the Realimove AC9000 action cam. What makes it so special? With 4K resolution and stabilisation for smooth clips, this is THE sports camera for capturing everything in optimum quality. It has a 170° wide-angle lens for immersive video capture. It comes with 18 accessories to suit all your activities, whether extreme or not, including a case that's waterproof to 30m! Whether it's surfing, skiing or cycling, it's up for all kinds of adventures.

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