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In this section, you'll find all the accessories you need for your AgfaPhoto camera: SD, SDHC or micro SDHC memory cards, AA or AAAA batteries, rechargeable batteries, spare batteries, etc. 

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Most AgfaPhoto digital cameras are SD card-compatible giving you even more storage. SD cards are particularly useful as they optimise the camera's performance and speed up photo transfers. Check out the AgfaPhoto range of SD cards, perfect if you want to save thousands of snaps.

A photographic revolution: the arrival of the SD card

The SD card hit the market in the early 2000s. It revolutionised existing memory card formats, such as the MultiMediaCard (MMC). SD cards provide extra storage, improve data transfer speed and, most importantly, keep saved information safe. So, no wonder they were an instant hit! In 2003, the mini-SD card was introduced, essentially to meet the needs of the mobile phone industry. As mobiles became smaller, there was a need for a suitable storage solution. The micro-SD card arrived 2 years later, for an even smaller yet just as powerful option! Nowadays, this format is the most common one used for smartphones and tablets. Over the years, these innovative accessories have evolved, providing an increased performance that responds to the advances in digital photography.

While the rise of digital devices changed the world of photography, the SD card turned it into a medium that everyone has now embraced. SD (Secure Digital) or SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards use flash memory to store digital data. Cameras, smartphones, tablets and even computers use flash memory. It works by using what's called “non-volatile” flash memory, meaning it retains data even in the absence of an electrical supply. In simple terms, SD cards save information even when a device is turned off. So no risk of losing your precious shots if your battery is dead!

The SDHC card is a technological powerhouse. As for the inner workings of an SD card, it uses flash memory chips to store data. These are controlled by a small integrated microprocessor that allocates a storage location for each file and retrieves the information required to view photographs and videos. It provides the link between each saved file and the camera. This is where read and write speed comes into play, as it determines the speed of data transfer, and, therefore, the device's overall performance and responsiveness. So the humble SD card is not as humble as you may think - it allows you to take full advantage of your camera's various specs and options.

SD card the go-to accessory to boost your camera's performance

Using an SD or SDHC card with a camera has many practical advantages: extra storage, fast transfer speed, portability, durability... You'll love having the extra memory it adds to your device. As most devices have limited internal memory storage, the addition of an SD card is a real game-changer. SD cards offer a large storage capacity in a small format, allowing you to store thousands of photos. Plus, their size means you can always carry spare SD cards on you for a never-ending storage solution. Finally, SDHC cards are robust and will be able to handle all your adventures.

The AgfaPhoto SD card is a high-performance accessory. The fast transfer speed of up to 100MB/sec contributes to the optimal recording of high-resolution or burst-shooting images. The transfer speed is as much about writing as it is about reading when it comes to a versatile camera. Recovering your photos via your computer is a breeze with this accessory. You simply connect your SD card to your PC or Mac to upload, edit and share your photos. Most computers have a built-in SD card reader, if not there are numerous adapters on the market! Some even let you connect your SD card to a tablet or smartphone. AgfaPhoto micro-SDHC cards come with an adapter that converts them to a classic SD card, making it easy to switch between readers. The interoperability, AKA compatibility between these two formats, makes handling your photos even easier!

What storage capacity should you choose for your camera's SD card?

AgfaPhoto offers a selection of SD and micro-SD cards with a capacity of 16 GB and 32 GB. The amount of photos an SD card can store depends on several factors, including camera resolution, file format (such as JPEG or RAW), image quality, and the save settings. A 16 GB SD card can store around 4,000 JPEG photos or 1hr 30 mins of video. RAW files are much larger, and a format used by professional photographers to, among other things, increase their image processing options. They contain all the information about the device, shooting data, etc. The same 16 GB SD card will be able to record approximately 1,000 RAW photos.

A 32GB SD card provides double the above capacity. You can store about 8,000 JPEG photos and 3 hours of recording, and up to 2,000 RAW format photos. Just bear in mind that this also depends on your settings, such as the ISO. Some camera presets use up more memory than others, depending on the effects they apply to a photograph. A camera with an 8 MB resolution will produce shots with a lower file size than a 12 MB model. Recording video in 720p or 4K also affects storage capacity. Thanks to the 16GB and 32GB options, amateur and professional photographers alike can choose the capacity that best suits their needs, to optimise the number of images stored or the amount of data transferred.

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