AgfaPhoto Film APX400
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AgfaPhoto Film APX400

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Perfect for action photography

AgfaPhoto APX400 is a fast-speed black and white photographic film suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. ISO 400 sensitivity makes this APX400 particularly well-suited to action photography and situations where there is a lot of light. APX400 is a 30.5 m roll of film for semi-professional use, available in 35 mm format.

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The great AgfaPhoto classic.

AgfaPhoto APX400 ISO film is a classic black and white film. The subtle grain and soft contrasts will satisfy even the most demanding customers. It also has a broad exposure latitude that can be pushed up to ISO 800/30°. APX400 can be used with all types of standard filters: colour, polarising and neutral density filters. 

Using our films properly

We recommend storing unprocessed films in a cool, dry place between 10/20°C - and, if possible (before and after exposure) in their original packaging. We advise you to store processed negatives in a cool, dry place between 10/20°C and in the dark.

The downloadable chart gives our recommended times for the two processes with APX400 Film. All the times quoted are based on intermittent agitation in standard 20°C tanks (agitation for the first minute, then agitation every 30 seconds). We recommend reducing these times by up to 15% if continuous agitation is required. Also, for rotary processors (without pre-rinsing), these times should probably be reduced by up to 15%. Please note that we do not recommend pre-rinsing as this can lead to uneven processing. 


Data sheet

Number of pictures
36 exposures black and white
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200