AgfaPhoto Film APX100
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AgfaPhoto Film APX100

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A wide variety of applications

The AgfaPhoto APX100 is a medium-speed black and white photographic film suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor photographic situations where there is good lighting. The APX100 is capable of delivering high-quality, sharp and fine-grained images. What's more, it's a great choice if you want to make enlargements. APX100 is a 30.5 m roll of film for semi-professional use, available in 35 mm format.

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The great AgfaPhoto classic

AgfaPhoto APX100 ISO film is our classic black and white film. The subtle grain and soft contrasts will satisfy even the most demanding customers. It also offers a broad exposure latitude. The APX100 can be used with all types of standard filters: colour, polarising and neutral density filters.

Using our films properly

We recommend storing unprocessed films in a cool, dry place between 10/20°C - and, if possible (before and after exposure) in their original packaging. We advise you to store processed negatives in a cool, dry place between 10/20°C and in the dark.

The downloadable chart gives our recommended times for both processes with APX100 Film. All the times quoted are based on intermittent agitation in standard 20°C tanks (agitation for the first minute, then agitation every 30 seconds). We recommend reducing these times by up to 15% if continuous agitation is required. Also, for rotary processors (without pre-rinsing), these times should 


Data sheet

Number of pictures
36 exposures black and white
100 / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200