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Digital photo frames are decor items that seamlessly blend into your interior while allowing you to enjoy your best photos and memories. Their stylish appearance is a strong selling point, but the great thing about digital photo frames is the links they forge with our close ones. For example, you can send one to your grandparents so they can keep up with what's going on in the family and enjoy the precious memories displayed.


There are, of course, different types of digital photo frames. The AgfaPhoto team is here to help you choose a frame that meets all your needs!

Why invest in a digital photo frame?


Everyone loves displaying those special moments in life, whether in a classic photo frame on your desk, stuck on the fridge door or hung on a wall. Photos are daily reminders of our fond memories. The great news is advances in technology have changed how we enjoy our photos, thanks to the arrival of the digital photo frame! No need to um and ah over which holiday or family snaps to frame - thanks to the digital photo frame, you can scroll through all your favourite shots!


They're easy to use - upload your photos to the digital photo frame via a USB cable, SD card or an internet connection. The digital frame then presents them as a slideshow. You can choose how long each photo is displayed and (depending on the model) select different transition effects.

The digital photo frame: an ideal connected home decor object


Digital photo frames have become family must-haves. Instantly sharing our photos with loved ones who live far away has been a game-changer! What better way to stay in touch? Grandparents will love a digital photo frame; they can virtually join you on holiday or see what the kids have been up to.


Digital photo frames are also an excellent way to convey a visual message: for example, you can take a celebratory photo to wish someone Happy Birthday or show someone how much you love them!


What's more, you'll now find digital photo frames with a video function. Film your little one's first steps, a family bike ride or your trip to a stunning château, and then send the video to your parents' digital frame!


As well as preserving your precious memories, digital photo frames are attractive decor items. Some also have additional functions, such as time or weather forecast displays.

The digital photo frame: a must-have for family and friends


Thanks to digital photo frames, you can share photos instantly via your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Shoot a stunning landscape or a great group photo and upload your snap to your friends' or family's frame! The frame just needs to be turned on so the screen lights up and hey presto! your snap will appear in the slideshow. You can even add a short personal message to your snap!

What are the different features in connected photo frames?


There are of course various types of digital photo frames: at AgfaPhoto, we have 5 models with different features.

Screen size and frame design


When choosing a digital photo frame, the first thing to consider is the size. These frames have screens, so they're sized in inches. AgfaPhoto has 7-inch (17.78 cm), 10-inch (25.4cm), 15.6-inch (39.62 cm) and 17-inch models. The latter is equivalent to 43 cm for a frame that will show off photos in a large format without compromising on sharp image quality!


What's more, digital photo frames can be placed on a piece of furniture or hung on a wall, just like a classic wall-mounted photo! Digital photo frame designs also come in a range of styles, just like normal frames. Choose between slim or wide moulding around the screen to perfectly show off your photos.

Uploading photos to a frame


To display shots on a digital photo frame, they need to be uploaded from a storage medium (such as an SD card or USB drive) or a smartphone.


Some models require a simple USB cable or a Micro SD card to transfer the photos you’ve selected.


Other frames are connected and can receive photos via a Wi-Fi connection. When the photo frame is turned on, it can be connected to the internet and receive photos sent from all over the world. This same internet connection will also allow you to display the day's weather forecast on your screen!

Digital photo frame storage capacity


If you want to admire lots of photos, you must choose a digital photo frame with an adequate storage capacity.


The good news is most models have an SD card reader, so you're not limited to its internal storage capacity. The storage capacity will vary from one frame to another: you can find models with an 8MB internal memory that can be extended to 32 GB or frames with an internal memory of 32 GB.


So if you tend to take and display lots of photos every day or want to immortalize a long trip, opt for a large storage capacity. That way, you won't have to worry about picking and choosing between photos and will have long slideshows that you won't tire of watching !

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