Pay for your purchases in 3 or 4 Interest-Free installments with your bank card AGFAPHOTO

FloaPay is a digital payment solution which simplifies purchases on our website by offering our customers payment in 3 or 4 interest-free installments. With payment in installments, you can pay for your order via Mastercard, bank card or Visa.

On our AgfaPhoto website, we offer you the possibility of paying in 3 interest-free installments, i.e. 3 monthly payments within 60 days, or in 4 interest-free installments, i.e. 4 monthly payments within 90 days. Your payment is made using an imprint of your bank card and the response is immediate. If FloaPay obtains authorisation from the bank which issued your card, it's simple, your purchase in multiple interest-free installments will be validated !

Much simpler and faster than a credit institution, FloaPay does not require supporting documents. In this way, we offer you the ability to manage your budget while also being able to indulge yourself at any time. So, the amount of the installments corresponds to the price divided by the number of monthly payments that you have chosen. So, if your order is for a total amount of €100, and the repayment schedule is over 4 months, the payments will be 25 euros per month. 25 euros upfront and 3 installments of €25 over the following months.


Have you just paid in multiple interest-free installments on our website with FloaPay ?

You can monitor your monthly payments at any time from your customer area. To do this, go to Enter your email address (the one which you used to place your order) then click on "Initial login"; You will receive an SMS with your temporary password.

Your schedule is available in the emails sent by FLOA when your payment in multiple installments is validated, then 8 days before each due date. You can also find your payment schedules in your customer area on

Have you lost or changed your payment card ?

You can modify your bank card in your FLOA customer area

Important: you can do this up to 7 days before your next direct debit.

Would you like to change your upcoming direct debit dates ?

Unfortunately, your due dates are set relative to the date on which you placed your order. You do not have the option of modifying the direct debit dates on your schedule.

However, if the direct debit is rejected, it will be automatically retried a few days later.

As you will have understood, FloaPay is a simple payment partner to allow you to quickly benefit from your purchase. Our range of products is at your fingertips so that you can benefit from the best photography has to offer, to preserve your precious memories.