What sort of camera should you use on holiday ? AGFAPHOTO

Your accommodation's booked, you've got your plane or train tickets, and you're ready to set off on holiday!

This year, you're going on a sporting adventure. Hiking, diving and surfing, here we come! But there's something niggling you... You want to immortalise your escapades but have no idea what sort of camera to use. If you love action-packed holidays, you'll need a camera that can keep up with your movements, from capturing sea depths to your fastest ski descent!

Fortunately, AgfaPhoto's been accompanying photographers of all ages while they snap life's best moments, so we're here to help you choose a camera capable of capturing all your holiday memories, no matter how acrobatic!

A holiday camera needs to be an "all-terrain" device tough enough to handle all your activities while ensuring you get superb shots. But if you're off on a sporty trip, you may prefer a camcorder that can match your speed and daring exploits! So check out all our tips for choosing a camera and camcorder guaranteed to keep up with your pace for an unforgettable holiday.

Which camera's best for a seaside holiday?

A holiday by the sea means tons of sand and saltwater! During a holiday in the sun, you may head off on a dive or simply snap your little ones as they go for a paddle or learn their first strokes. So, if you're off to the coast, you'll need a camera that's not scared of water or sand. You may also want to film your skateboard tricks along a boardwalk or surf the Basque Country's finest waves, in which case you'll want to reach for your Action Cam!

A hard-as-nails camera that can withstand any day at the beach

Here at AgfaPhoto, we developed the Realishot WP8000 digital camera, a waterproof device that can handle up to 3 metres in depth!

Its waterproof housing makes it perfect for any nautical escapade from underwater selfies to incredible dives, thrilling surfing sessions and any other seaside activity you'd like to snap without damaging your camera. Obviously, this waterproof camera needs to do more than deal with extreme environments, so it's equipped with superb presets to ensure fantastic shots: sports, beach, evening, night, landscape or portrait, it is up to you to choose the one that matches the setting. If you're not sure which mode to choose, go for the automatic mode and let the camera's integrated software work its magic.

One thing kids and adults love when at the seaside is snapping all the fish that cross their paths! The Realishot WP8000 is the go-to for underwater portraits and selfies. It has a high-performance CMOS sensor and a dual screen, for perfectly framed selfies. You'll also be able to take videos thanks to the 1.8” front LCD screen - time to take on that starring role!

Another thing about days at the beach is having to lug your gear around! So you'll need a compact and lightweight camera! The WP8000 weighs a mere 122g and comes with a protective cover, so you can easily slip it in your beach bag.

Kids will also want to snap their seaside antics! AgfaPhoto's got them covered with robust child-friendly devices such as the Realikids Cam Waterproof. Just pop it in your beach bag, so the kids can capture all their maritime (or land-based) shenanigans!

What about opting for an Action Cam?

If you want to immortalise your ultra-sporty seaside holiday and share your experience on social networks, then grab an Action Cam!

Film your most extreme activities while ensuring superb quality thanks to two of our flagship, high-performance models: the Realimove AC7000 and Realimove AC9000 Action Cams. You'll be blown away by the AC7000's image quality, 120° viewing angle as well as its optimal 2.7k video resolution. Plus, the Realimove AC7000 comes with 10 accessories, including waterproof housing, so you can film your incredible dives. If you want an even better image quality, then you'll love the Action Cam Realimove AC9000! This sports camcorder is the ultimate device for 4K shoots to smoothly capture the most extreme activities. This camcorder won't mess up, for an immersive rendition of your finest skateboard tricks and surfing moves. When you settle down to watch your holiday videos, you'll be able to relive your prowess as if you were still there.

Which camera's best for a snow-packed holiday?

Lots of people count on their smartphone to take snaps of their winter sports holiday... Until it all goes belly-up and the next thing you know the screen's smashed to smithereens!

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