What's the best children's camera ? AGFAPHOTO

From an early age, children have a constant urge to be creative. Most often, little ones start with drawing to develop their imagination, but also their motor skills. From a creative point of view, photography can come naturally after the drawing phase. It's a way to capture memories, have fun and develop ingenuity. 

Of course, choosing a children's camera is important, as a model must be selected that is appropriate for the age and types of snapshots your child will be taking. AgfaPhoto accompanies all photo lovers from 3 to 103 years old! We will help you choose the best camera for your child. 

Here are all our tips on how to give your child a camera to capture all the best moments ! 

Why should you give your child a camera ?

At a time when smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives, children are more sensitised to photography than ever. From a young age, they are used to posing, taking selfies and then checking on the screen to see if the snapshot is satisfactory. The problem with smartphones, however, is that they are devices designed for adults only ! 

If your child shows a real interest in photography, why not give them their own camera ?

Framing, zooming, grinding, cutting, daring, printing: a children's camera offers so many possibilities! In this respect, it is an excellent way to encourage your little one's creativity. Photography is an art in itself and enables children to train their sense of detail and their powers of observation. 

It is also a means of developing imagination, as it involves looking for scenes and objects that can be photographed. You will soon realise that the photos taken by your child will help you to better recognise their interests. This is because young children attach great importance to photographing objects, people and places that are important to them. 

A camera for children also trains their memory ! The photos, which are saved on the camera using an SD card, can be looked at later so that the children remember what they did that day. In the same sense, taking photos allows the little ones to communicate and express their preferences: When looking at the photos, they can recreate emotional memories and explain to their parents what they liked best on holiday, for example. 

Finally, by owning their own camera, children can also take on responsibility. Even if each camera model is adapted to the age of the child, it is still an object that needs to be looked after. 

Criteria for choosing the right children's camera 

Choosing the best camera for children means first and foremost selecting a camera that is appropriate for their age and needs. It is also about paying attention to the different functions that each camera offers. 

The age of the child : an essential criterion

From the age of three, children can start to discover photography with their own camera. At AgfaPhoto, we have decided to develop a children's range that is accessible from the age of 3. All our children's models can therefore be used up to the age of around 12.

Age is an important criterion, as it has an impact on the handling of the camera. It is very important that your child can grasp the camera with their small hands. An object that is too large is too difficult to grip and your child could drop it when using it. 

The Realikids Cam Mini measures 83x60x58mm and is a compact, ergonomic camera that even the smallest children can easily grasp to take the most beautiful pictures. Some models can also be equipped with a small handle that allows the child to hold and stabilise the camera to frame the scenes. 

In addition to the ergonomics and dimensions of the camera, accessories such as a neck strap or hand strap are also important.