A rundown of the best printers  AGFAPHOTO

We may be used to scrolling through photos on our smartphones, but nothing beats the authenticity of a printed photograph. Whatever the format, we all love to display our holiday memories, our best landscape shots and cherished family photos in a beautiful frame.


And to make printing your photos even easier, you can invest in a connected printer. Photo printers can be linked to a range of apps and will produce quality prints in a matter of seconds.


AgfaPhoto has several connected printer models. So, here's easy-to-follow guide to help you choose the right one! Compare our printers' different features and choose the model that fits your needs.

The main features of a connected printer designed to print out photos


Before looking at the different printer models, let's look at what a connected printer is and how it differs from other printers.


There are several features to consider when choosing a Bluetooth printer: its size, the cartridges, power supply, printing technology, connectivity and, of course, the print format.

The photo printer: a small printer, a portable one or a desktop device


First off is the portable photo printer, which, depending on the model, is a small printer that can be slipped easily into a bag.


The size of a connected photo printer is nothing like what we're used to with conventional printers! For example, the Realipix Mini P2 model measures just 121 x 78 x 22 mm, making it small enough to carry around and print out credit card-sized photos. This tiny photo printer is a great space-saver at home: it won't clutter up your living room or small home office space. Its portable format means you don't have to faff around with unsightly cables; it won't ruin your elegant decor and will print out your favourite memories!


There are also medium-sized photo printers that will easily fit on a desk, for example, which are plugged into the mains.


So your connected printer can be a portable or desktop one: you just need to choose the size that suits your needs and get printing!

Cartridges for connected printers


Connected printers are designed to print colour photos, so they come with cartridges that produce a specific number of prints. For example, all our printers are ready to use, i.e. they include a cartridge that allows you to print between 8 and 10 photos straight away. Once the cartridge has run out, just by a pack of cartridges for 20 to 120 photo prints, depending on your printer model.

The printer's power supply


Connected printers use mains power or rechargeable batteries. Our flagship Realipix Moments printer is a mains-operated printer that you can set up on a desk, for example, and print photos in 10×15 cm format.

Printing technology


The printing technology also varies from one model to another. At AgfaPhoto, we offer ZINK colour printing and 4PASS colour printing.


ZINK technology does not require ink cartridges or toner: the colours are impregnated into the printing paper, so you don't have to do a thing. This thermal photo paper reacts to the heat of the print head to reproduce colours. 4PASS printing is also inkless and uses a thermal sublimation process, which successively prints the colours yellow, magenta and cyan. 4PASS technology provides an ultra-realistic result, with over 16 million colours for sharp photos that are smudge-resistant and don't use wet ink!



To print photos using your connected printer, all you need is your smartphone: just turn on Bluetooth and use the app associated with your printer. For some models, you can even edit your photos before printing thanks to an app available on iOS and Android.

Printed photo formats


Each Bluetooth printer allows you to print photos in different formats. Depending on the model you choose, you can print credit card, square or postcard size photos. Just choose the right size according to how you want to display or keep your photo!


The other great thing about these printers' photo sizes is you'll save on printing costs. Each model comes with several photos included, and once used you can choose cartridges with 20 to 120 photos! In just a few minutes, you can bring your memories to life and have them to hand in just a few minutes! Display them on your fridge, in frames, on a wall or, with the credit card format, in your wallet or purse! Your connected printer comes ready to use and will allow you to print out your photos to your heart's content. Immortalise fun times your loved ones and instantly share the joy by printing out a few copies in one go!


Another advantage of a connected printer is that you can personalise your shots before printing them out. You can add effects, backgrounds or even filters to make your photos stand out or add a humourous touch. Have fun with different filters and hand out different versions of the same shot to your friends and family!